Fruity Pebbles French Macarons

Fruity Pebbles French Macarons

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French Macarons are the most incredible little tasty treats that deceive as they pack incredible flavors and are truly filling. They are so addictive that they are truly the perfect little snack while binge watching your favorite shows.

The French Macarons produced at VSB are Gluten Friendly since we are not a Gluten Free kitchen. They are made primarily from egg white, powdered sugar and almond flour.

** We do carry 2-3 flavors in our daily retail display. Cutoff day for orders are on Monday of each week. If you're order is received after the Monday cutoff we will inform you via email or phone if we are able to accommodate your order for pickup of the same week. If we cannot then your order will be processed and available for the following week. **