Below are some of our most frequently asked questions in hopes of clarifying any questions you may have. if you still have any additional questions please feel free to email us at info@vanillasugarbakery.com or call us at 630-480-0316


1.    How much notice do you need for an order? 

At this time we are booking 1-3 weeks in advance. Some weekends may  book up faster than others. We always suggest to book your order as soon as you know the date and time you are looking to have your order picked up. 


2.    What is the price for a cake? 

We do offer our Signature designed cakes in various sizes along with most of our cupcake flavors to be made as a full size cake. If you are looking for a custom cake please do email us the guest count and a picture for the design/style you are looking for. Once we receive that information we can provide you with an accurate quote. 


3.    Do you have any guarantees for food allergies? 

No we do not and cannot. Our facility handles many allergens and any requirement must be communicated and informed to our staff upon initial ordering. At this time we can only accommodate egg-free cake/cupcake orders (keep in mind there is an order minimum). Do contact us to discuss the details further. 


4.    Do you have a retail store? Can I come in and visit? 

Absolutely!! Our Bakeshop

We always suggest for our clients to stop in during our normal business hours to purchase any of items available in our rotating daily display (Cupcakes, Cookies, Bars, French  Macarons) Be sure to check out our facebook page for the daily display options as we are always rotating what is available.


5.    Do you offer Wedding Cakes/Dessert Tables?  

That is one of our specialties!! Please check our Wedding Page for all Wedding Cake and Dessert Table information. 

Information regarding tastings are located on our Wedding Page as well. 


6.    Do you deliver? 

At this time we offer delivery only for Wedding Cakes/Dessert Tables (that meet our minimum) as well as corporate catering. We do not provide residential delivery for the safety of our employees due to previous occurrences. 


7.    I forgot to place an order for a cake is there anyway you can squeeze one in? 

Sometimes if we have a last minute cancellation we can accommodate a last minute order. It is always best to call or email the request and to keep in mind that what can be offered may be limited. There also may be an additional charge for a short notice order. 


8.    If I provide you with a picture of a cake I like can you replicate the exact design? 

No unfortunately we cannot but can create similar styles with our own creative and artistic interpretation. This would be the same as asking two different artists to draw and interpret the same picture. It is not possible for us to do the same especially with consumable prodcuts. 


9.     Why does Vanilla Sugar Bakery limit the amount of orders each week? 

Since we create all of our items from scratch in small batches that is exactly what sets us apart from the competition. There are only so many hours in a day for us to bake, stack, coat and decorate cakes along with all of our other baking duties. In order for us to not compromise on the quality of our products we do have to limit the orders we can accept each week. 


10.  What is your return policy? 

We are human and not a factory which is probably why you came to VSB for your order. Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, we do not provide refunds or exchanges. Once your order is picked up by you or your designated party it is considered “Accepted” All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop. 


11. I left a message and sent a voicemail but its been a couple of hours. When will someone get back to me? 

We always try to answer the phone and answer emails as soon as we are available. If were are in the middle of measuring out a recipe, mixing or handling items going in or out of the oven we are unable to stop what we are doing in order to not make any mistakes. If you are looking to speak to someone you can try calling back but if not we will get back to either the same day or within a couple of days. Some days we are answering over 50 emails/calls. 

12. Do you ever donate to organizations or schools? 

Yes we do offer donations to non-profit organizations and schools. We at times cannot guarantee that we can fulfill each and every donation we receive as much as we would love to do so. Please do send all inquiries with the organization and event information to info@vanillasugarbakery.com with 'DONATION REQUEST' in the subject heading once it is reviewed and something we can donate to we will be in touch. During our peak busy seasons we cannot provide donations so kindly send requests with 3 months notice.

If you are looking for baked goods that are for a personal event because you are uninterested in baking please place an order.